• Robert KingI

      I am a blind ex-serviceman undergoing cancer treatment, my surgeon was Iraqi, my oncologist #Hungarian my radiographer #Zimbabwean my physiotherapists nurses & care workers from all over the world, like the staff at Blind Veterans centres. Politicians like to wrap themselves in the flag on Remembrance Sunday, they must
      ensure our NHS has the health workers we need, wherever they come from, and train more Brits for the posts

    • Marion

      Utter madness. We train this man up and now want to throw it all away? How many people earn anywhere near 35k? I believe the average wage is only around 26k. Tell you what we will raise the 10k he needs pa to keep him. He is a credit to our country and exactly the type of people we need. Hardworking caring – pput a few white people to shame!

  1. Bhuvan

    The back bone of Healthcare is surviving only because of Foreign Nationals contribution to healthcare. Bringing such rules will only ensure NHS sinks faster

  2. Nicky Stevenson

    The NHS will collapse if EU migrants are sent home. Their lives will be seriously disrupted. This is cruel when they have played such an important part in the UK. Get real and stop this now.

  3. Ian Timpany

    The big problem with his case, and there will be many like his, is that we are reduced to making special pleading for some jobs. How do we distinguish between this man and his immensely valuable work and someone who is earning just over the threshold, but doing something of no public worth? Healthcare workers need to be recognised both for the value of their work and for the difficulty of replacing them.

  4. Lyn Porter

    This is a rediculous requirement and it is set much too high. It needs to be no higher than the national average wage

  5. Doris Aitken

    We should welcome and embrace such skills and talent. Our NHS will be sadly depleted by their loss.
    Such people are decent, hard working people, part of our community who add skills, diversity and vibrancy to our lives. We need and value them!

  6. John Needham

    This is absolutely outrageous at a time when the NHS needs every single member of staff it can hang onto.You have my total support, Anand.

  7. Lee Stephenson

    I am disgusted at the way this government operates and is allowed to continually destroy the NHS!!!
    The country has been fed lies and no one appears to be able to counteract them or force a reversal of anything including the referendum! I fear for our future and that of Europe and the World following the events of the past year!!! :-(

  8. Roland George

    Get a grip … an honest grip Mrs May and company. The NHS depends on many non-uk people. Don’t be idiots and let your relentless drive to PRIVATISE the NHS let people suffer. Hmm maybe you don’t care about the suffering you are causing, because you don’t care about anything but YOUR PROFIT. Watch out, you will be punished, believe me.

  9. Srikanth

    Hi Anand,

    I am a Physio too and been through what you are currently going through. I am not sure of your visa status but best to apply for band 7 jobs in London- or even some band 6 and you will easily cross the threshold. There is a job of Disability analyst through SJB medical- google it and call them. They are desperate- £38k. All the best.

    • Rob Davidson

      This could help Anand to stay in the country, but in the long term it leads to London being the only place with sufficient numbers of NHS staff.

    • Thank you so much for the brilliant support. I know I can get 35K if I move to private sector but sometimes I feel why should I leave my job which I like. The people I worked for, for so many years . Why Govt can not change this silly rule which does not have any bases. I do agree that immigration should be curbed and this is why I am requesting them to bring the threshold to 28K at least for NHS staff who work days/nights/weekends. I work nearly 7 days a week yet no respect from Govt

  10. D Brazier

    The NHS will collapse without workers from overseas. The minimum wage of £35,000 is ridiculous and should be scrapped – most British born workers earn nowhere near that amount! This man has given over 7 years service to the NHS, paying taxes and helping people live a better life, he should be allowed to stay for as long as he wishes.

  11. Anna popplestone

    How exactly does May intend on keeping the NHS going if a huge chunk of the workforce have to leave? Reducing the threshold to £28k is the least that should be done, really all skilled NHS workers should be exempt.

    • Janine

      She doesn’t. That’s the whole point. It’s part of an ongoing effort to defund and destroy the NHS so that the work can be handed to private companies which many of the Tory elite have shares in. It just happens to neatly dovetail with their tunnel-visioned efforts to reduce immigration no mater the cost to the country.

  12. Mary Ellis

    When this rule was first proposed it was feared that dedicated NHS staff would be lost because of the years of frozen salaries. valuable overseas workers simply do not earn enough to qualify for the cut off salary. This is a dreadful indictment upon our policies and our treatment of NHS staff.

  13. Helen Roberts

    Crazy …. even if you subscribe to this Government’s Xenophobic plans to reduce immigration,then NHS staff (at ALL levels) must be exempt … otherwise this is yet another and probably the vital blow to the NHS.

  14. Sara Robbins

    The level of salary needed to be able to stay in the UK needs to protect those people in key services who provide vital work like the NHS

  15. Jane

    I think it needs to go for all qualified health care workers and not just those working for the NHS. I work as a Band 6 Occupational therapist in a private mental health hospital and just like you, I only earn that with overtime so come 2018, after living here legally for over 8 years, I will be asked to go home. It’s just ridiculous. I have worked, pay my taxes, never been entitled to public funds and even pay health surcharge to use the NHS. I’m not a burden in any way, just contributing. The threshold is ridiculous

    • Rob Davidson

      Absolutely! We have backed Anand’s petition because it gives such a clear example of a situation that affects so many health and care workers. Our hope is that we can use this example to get enough signatures to have it debated in parliament – and in that case we’ll be encouraging everyone to write to their MP to have a much broader debate on all workers that are affected in this way.

  16. Alison Lister

    Completely support this. It’s crazy. Either:

    A. NHS should be exempt or
    B. The threshold should be lower or
    C. NHS wages should be increased significantly.

    Or all three. I would happily pay more tax to support the NHS, retain stafff like this, and protect the organisation from privatisation.

  17. tim rundall

    What an outrage, and how very stupid and stubborn this government is. It is blatantly obvious that the Tories are deliberately making the NHS collapse in order to privatise it – they MUST be stopped.


    What more can you want from a citizen aside from integration, loyalty, hard-work and giving back to society (inc taxes)? If there is more what right do I have to be a citizen?

  19. Joan Higgins

    Anand, and his fellow low paid workers in the NHS, have my full support. I hope we can collect thousands of names. We need his expertise and commitment and he deserves to be treated fairly.

  20. Martha Young

    The earnings limit is set to prevent immigrants claining benefits. It is entirely arbitrary. A family who have no rent to pay ie if living with family or owning their own home have lower living expenses than someone paying a high rent or mortgage.

    If someone has been living here for a period of time meeting their own living costs I see no reason that anyone should ask them to leave

    My late ex-husband came to the UK from Pakistan with nothing but a suitcase. Friends helped him to set up in business, Later he trained first as a bus conductor, then as a bus driver, then as a driving instructor and finally as a chiropractor. Until his death he paid taxes and National insurance and contributed to UK society. Under present rules he would not have been allowed to come here.

    The rules are ridiculous

    • Raish Khatri

      NHS is already extremely stretched and needs more staff. rather less. Mr.Anand is serving the NHS, has worked and paid taxes and is not a burden on the state.The earning limit is arbitrary and is designed to expel persons coming from outside the EEC block.Wish Mr. and Mrs. Anand all the best for the future

  21. This is mind boggling! A skilled, committed worker in our NHS being forced out ! How does this even have to have a petition? It is so glaringly stupid you’d think somebody in authority would have enough brain cells , gumption and courage to sort it out. I wish you every success in this campaign and hope somebody sees sense fast!

  22. First and most importantly, I would like to sincerely thank Mr Anand for his work and dedication to our NHS. The situation is bleak where a national institution is so loved by the overwhelming majority of people in the UK, finds itself under threat through forced starvation and now many of its trained local workforce will be forced to leave it’s service as a result of knee jerk politics and dogma and yes pressure brought to gear by the out of control xenophobic British media. Myself and my family wholeheartedly support Mr Anand in his fight for what is right and to try and make this reactionary government see sense. I also wish him and his lovely family a long and prosperous life in the UK. I know how hard his wife has to study to achieve her goal, it’s one of the hardest qualifications out there and her contribution to the UK economy will be valuable indeed. All of this families contribution could be lost if we dont stop Hunt and May and this out of control truck that is speeding into a very dark place for all of us.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and spending your extra time in writing this. I am so happy that most of the people living here have supported my petition. Although, the signatures rate has gone down but after reading I am so happy that even if I will have to leave, I will be able to cherish these memories. Thank you once again.

  23. Irene tait

    Stop sending desperately needed doctors away. The government is an Asus. They need psychological help. Put their brains collectively together and you may be lucky and get a whole one.

  24. Thank you so much everyone for the beautiful comments. Please keep signing and sharing this petition to everyone you know. So far I have received positive response from 90% of people living in the UK and I am happy that many people love the work I am doing here. Hope I will be able to collect 100K signatures so that Govt can think about bringing this threshold to 28K at least. You all can contact me on [email protected] for any advice if you have. I can not thank enough for the valuable time you have given me and shared your feeling about me. Feel happy to be honoured by people living in the UK

  25. Ezra

    Anand is not alone. In a few years, I will be there as well and I teach in the FE sector. A sector that suffers for teachers because many UK students refuse to go on to Higher Education and be saddled with debt.

    How did the UK get here? The prime minister tried to deliver on a promise to curb migration and he targeted the migrants who contribute the most because the law restricted him from touching EU migrants. He then got a group of professors in their ‘wisdom’ to decided that a graduate in the UK had to earn £35k p.a. after 5 years to be considered of worth to the country. Currently, a student has to earn £25k per year to be sponsored. This is moving to £30k in April. Who is going to pay a student right out of Uni 30k? As a result the UK has realised a drastic fall off in students who now prefer to go Canada and Australia.

    We as graduates paid full university fees which are sometimes 4 times as much as Home and EU student rates, visa fees, we paid landlord rents and in many cases are propping up the UK buy to let market. Even after we start to work and pay taxes we have no access to public funds. We also pay £200 per year for NHS services even if we do not use them. It is insanity that a London metric set way outside the real level of earnings for professionals was used to determine value to a country. A country is not only built on investment bankers and lawyers. They also get sick and their children still need to be taught. The UK continues to shoot itself in the foot.

  26. Gill

    This situation is absolutely ludicrous. They do say ” The Law is an ass”. Perhaps we should add, The Government to this as well !!! It just doesn’t make sense.😠

  27. Dr. Steve French

    Ludicrous – public vitriol and racist policy making which will only reduce the care and expertise offered by such highly qualified and dedicated staff.

  28. Thank you so much for the support. I am trying my every possible way to get signatures. I might not change this 35K immigration law but I am happy that I am being supported by people living in the UK who respect my hard work and contribution to the nation.
    please watch this video where I am explaining about my role and about this law.
    Please continue to support my petition. #anand35k
    Another 3K to complete 10K.
    Please join my facebook group:
    Please join my Facebook group:

  29. Cara

    I am wondering if you are able to apply for UK citizenship as I believe that after residency for 7years there is entitlement to make an application and of course once granted nationality income is not an issue.

  30. Jacob Mattu

    It’s sad Anand we need skilled people in this country. I been through same stage my sister lives 6 years with husband and baby born in U.K. But she has to leave because she couldn’t find sponsors who can pay that amount so she can stay in UK with baby at age nearly 3 years. Good luck keep trying I wish you will find sponsor.

  31. john harrison

    Shame on this evil government
    This is not the England I was born into, neither is it the country in which I want to die
    There was a similar story on weekend womans hour and I am afraid it could become a familiar story whilst we are ruled by the influence of right wing xenophobes the like of which have proliferated in recent times
    We should all oppose this sort of vile conduct with every ounce of our being before the proponents get firm foothold whilst we still have recourse to the ballot box

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