NHS for a People's Vote is the grassroots campaign fighting for a People's Vote to save UK healthcare. With a no-deal Brexit looming, the future of the NHS looks to be in dire straits, with problems for staffing, research, and access to medicines. We won't stand for it. Join us.


Why do we think the EU is best for UK health and social care?

See our 'What's the risk?' page for the full facts and figures about how Brexit will affect UK health and social care.

The EU allows the UK to pool resources with our closest neighbours to tackle important issues from public health (air pollution, tobacco, chemicals) to health innovation (medicines approvals, research networks) to large frameworks of healthcare (cross-border healthcare, international patients’ groups). These all have a direct effect on our wellbeing.

Health threats ignore borders, so we need to build international teams to match. Health innovation is best done at scale, so we need international teams to deliver. The EU is the right framework and is helping us to build those. Finally, let’s not forget freedom of movement which brings together the best mix of highly specialised skills, boosts our capacity and helps in making our health service one of the most efficient in the world.

We see that the EU is working to make us stronger as a nation and healthier individually. Let’s keep going. Working with the EU for a healthier UK.


What do you do?

We bring together doctors, nurses, healthcare specialists, and anyone who works in healthcare to make a stand, and show just how Brexit will affect UK health and social care.

We not only share the facts and figures about how damaging leaving the EU is for healthcare - we also share the stories about how it's affecting patients and staff personally. We want to spread the word about Brexit, and tell the Government that it's just not good enough. 


What can I do to help?

We need you to spread the word about just how bad Brexit will be for healthcare. You can help us by door-knocking, sharing your Brexit healthcare stories, sending an FOI request to your local hospital, or - crucially - donating to the campaign. Click here for more info.