Monitoring the effect of Brexit on our public health system

Since we started this campaign, we’ve heard stories of increased xenophobic attacks against GPs, health researchers that are planning to leave the country, and reduced numbers of applications for jobs from EU applicants. We already know that NHS leaders are extremely concerned about funding and staffing as Brexit unfolds.

We’ve got the stats, facts, and figures to back these up – but what we need now is to hear from you.

  • Are you a nurse or doctor who has experienced racist attacks since the referendum?
  • Do you have a chronic illness and worry that your treatment will suffer if we have a hard Brexit or a no deal?
  • Are you an ex-pat whose cross-border healthcare will be at risk?

Whether you're a patient, doctor, nurse, or just a concerned citizen, tell us your experiences and help us tell the world about what Brexit means for the NHS.

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