A&E Doctor Jeremy - Why I'm Marching

My name’s Jeremy, I’m an A+E Doctor and I will be marching on March 23rd for a People’s Vote.

Brexit is damaging our NHS. We’re losing vital EU staff at a time of desperate staff shortages and that means patients are waiting longer to be seen and treated. Since the Brexit vote, EU nurse applicants have dropped by 96% and we don't have British staff to replace them.

Our economy is in decline with Brexit now costing us £800 million a week. After Brexit, we’re likely to see more cuts and hospital closures through prolonged austerity.

And a potential U.S. trade deal could see the NHS opened up to American corporations. U.S. negotiators have made clear in their CATO trade blueprints that they want access to the NHS in exchange for a deal; that means we could see American corporations buying up parts of our NHS and even a fully privatised health service in the future.

Many people voted Leave to help the NHS. Now that we know Brexit is actually damaging it, the People deserve to vote again. So please, if you care about the NHS, join me and hundreds of thousands of others on March 23rd to support a People’s Vote and to help save our NHS.