How Can I Help?

We know that any kind of Brexit will be damaging to the NHS - but we need your help to spread the word.

There are several ways to get involved:

1. Write to your MP to demand a People's Vote to protect the NHS. Either use the Write This Wrong platform from People's Vote, where you can email your MP in a few clicks, or get out your pen and paper to tell your MP why they should back a public vote on the final deal.

2. Book a place at your MP's advice surgery. MPs hold regular meetings with constituents to hear their concerns - and we want you to tell them why they should back a People's Vote for the sake of NHS staff and patients. You can find out your MPs details and how to book a place here.

3. If you're a doctor, nurse, student, or any other healthcare professional, we want to gather your expert opinions on how Brexit will affect your work. Contact us on [email protected] if you're interested in writing an article for our website.

4. Sign up to volunteer. We need people pounding the pavement, handing out leaflets, and helping us to tell the world about the work that NHS for a People's Vote is doing. We'll contact you after you've signed up with more info on how you can help.

5. Donate. You can help us grow our campaign and reach everyone who needs it by giving much-needed funds, either by setting up a monthly direct debit or giving a one-off donation.

Thank you for your support - we couldn't do it without you.