Labour cannot be the party of the NHS and a party to Brexit

The Labour party has produced an excellent video about the damage that has been brought to our NHS. After 7 years of Austerity, staff are leaving in droves, patients are at risk and we're in the worst winter crisis ever seen. Yet Labour has to come around to one thing: Brexit threatens NHS staffing, funding, efficiency and could well be the final nail in the coffin of our beloved health service. Labour can be the "Party of the NHS" or a party to Brexit, but it cannot be both.

No one voted for fewer nurses and more Austerity, but that's where David Davis and Theresa May's Brexit is taking us. 


We've lost 10,000 EU workers from our NHS since the referendum vote and the number of EU nurses and midwives applying to come to the UK has dropped by 90%. Almost half of EU doctors and GPs say they intend to leave the UK if we finally leave the EU.

This is the worst winter crisis in the NHS' history - patients in Britain would have benefited from those extra EU nurses, doctors and support staff.


Our NHS has been suffering from the biggest squeeze on its finances in history. Seven years of Austerity has brought our NHS to its knees. 

Since the referendum vote, our government has admitted that Brexit will suck billions from tax revenue and that Austerity will have to continue longer.

This isn't what anyone wanted

No one voted for more Austerity. Our NHS can't survive any more Austerity. Brexit is the new excuse for Austerity.

Planning for the future

The government hasn't bothered to conduct an assessment of how Brexit will impact our NHS.

Top health experts have - and they say every flavour of Brexit on the table will damage our NHS

The Labour Party really has to decide how these new facts fit with their stance on Brexit. Will they continue to pretend they could bring about a 'good Brexit' or will they finally take the tough decision to stand first for our NHS and to build a platform based on making all the benefits of the EU work "for the many"?