Newsletter - 22nd September 2018

Hello all,

As the sky gets darker and the night gets longer, the Brexit news stories appear to be following suit... With only six months left to Brexit day, we're getting closer and closer to the chance of a disastrous no-deal, which will irreparably damage our NHS.

But not all is lost! Momentum for a People's Vote is building, and the March for the Future is only a month away...

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A big thanks to everyone who came along to the People's Vote for the NHS rally last Saturday! We had a great event filled with fantastic speakers, including Jon Skewes from the Royal College of Midwives, Dr Terry John from the British Medical Association, and Jayne Spink from Genetic Alliance UK. For photos and quotes from the rally, head to our Twitter page here.

NHS & Brexit News
  • This weekend, we released data which shows that NHS staff back a People's Vote by a margin of 2-1. Our polling also showed that 61% of health workers now want to remain in the EU, up by 19% since 2016, and that only 8% of nurses think that Brexit will be good for the NHS. 
  • NHS Against Brexit founder, Dr Mike Galsworthy, told Metro this week that "Brexit will rip the soul out of the NHS", and called for a People's Vote with the option to ditch Brexit altgehter. Read the full story here.
  • Dr Galsworthy this week debated Tory MP Andrew Bridgen on what Brexit means for the NHS, and why we need a vote on the final deal. Listen to the full interview here.
  • The CEO of Roche, a major UK pharmaceutical company, has said that the UK pharma industry will be less interesting to the international life sciences community after Brexit. We're losing our status as a world-leading life sciences hub for the sake of a political game - and it's just not worth it. 
  • The BBC has gathered info from NHS Scotland health boards on their level of preparedness for Brexit - and it's not a pretty sight. NHS Lanarkshire in particular have spoke about a "very high" risk that their board will not be operationally ready for Brexit.
  • We've published the first of our articles from patients and healthcare staff on their reasons for backing a People's Vote to save the NHS. Read pieces from former Nurse of the Year Joan and paramedic student Luke on our website. And if you'd like to get involved by writing your own article for us, just reply to this email with your idea.
Picture of the Week

This week's photo is of our info leaflets - currently on sale at 50% off! We'll have brand shiny new leaflets for NHS Against Brexit on the European Movement shop soon, so we're giving you the chance to get your hands on the old ones for just £4 for a pack of 350. Get 'em while you can here!

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Tweet of the Week


Kate Willoughby was one of the many supporters who came along to our rally last weekend, and is seen here sporting her NHS Against Brexit sticker! Great to see members of our community getting involved and making some noise about the campaign.

Stat of the Week


Doctor, researcher, and NHS Against Brexit supporter Will Hamilton shared this graph with us, showing that the UK (red line) has about as many doctors as middle-income countries, despite being a high-income country ourselves. NHS staffing issues are getting out of hand - and we can't afford to lose the 5% that come from the EU. Follow Will for more stats on @WL_Hamilton. 

From our Other Campaigns
  • Sadiq Khan came out in favour of a People's Vote this week, writing in The Observer that "as mayor, I wouldn’t be doing my job standing up for Londoners if I didn’t say now that it’s time to think again about how we take this crucial decision."
  • People's Vote has released a document detailing how a vote on the final deal can happen, showing that it's a legal and viable option for the Government to put forward. Read more here.
  • Read the latest article from European Movement UK on what Churchill would have voted in the Brexit referendum.
  • Polling has revealed that Labour could win 1.5m more votes if they backed a People's Vote, potentially giving them a Commons majority. What are you waiting for, Jezza?!

That's all for this week! Keep your eyes peeled for more NHS Against Brexit campaigning in the coming weeks...

Kirsty Harrod
Supporter Engagement Officer
NHS Against Brexit