Newsletter - 29th September 2018

Well... What a busy week! With Corbyn telling the EU that we will not stand for a no-deal Brexit and Labour making the steps to backing a People's Vote, the campaign is really ramping up. 

The tide is turning. To help our hopes become reality, show your support in the biggest march for a People's Vote yet. Sign up below and join us in London on 20th October!


NHS & Brexit News
  • Labour are now officially considering a People's Vote as a back-up to a General Election! With Shadow Brexit Minister Keir Starmer calling for a public vote with the option to remain, the campaign is really heating up now. A People's Vote is the only way to save UK health and social care from Brexit, and we're absolutely delighted that Labour support it. 
  • European Medicines Agency have put 39 medicines on their Brexit watch list, warning that these could be in short supply if we crash out of the European Union without a deal.
  • The Health Service Journal has warned that the price of generic medicines will be forced up if we get a no-deal Brexit. This means more costs for the NHS - something it can't afford.
  • We've heard this week that health chiefs are now trying to stockpile ambulances to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. The vehicles, which have parts made all across EU member states, are vital to our healthcare, and this news can't be taken lightly.
  • Big news from NHS Against Brexit! We, in conjunction with our sister campaign Scientists for EU, are crowdfunding to hire new staff! Since I came on board, we've: relaunched Healthier IN to our new brand; held the hugely successful People's Vote for the NHS rally; collected 8,000 signatures from health professionals calling for a People's Vote - and we plan to do a helluva lot more. To help us grow the campaign, to hit regional volunteers and shake up our social media, please donate at the link below.


Picture of the Week

Credit to @BigC1874 on Twitter for this fantastic meme, showing lead Leave supporter Daniel Hannan's hypocrisy as he's now joined a group backing privatisation of the NHS after supporting the £350 million a week 'red bus lie' in 2016.

Tweet of the Week

This from Our Future Our Choice ambassador Femi Oluwole says what we're all thinking about Brexit...

Stat of the Week

This stat from Nuffield Health shows how just how vital NHS care is to UK citizens living in an EU member state. They deserve a #PeoplesVote to secure their future healthcare.

From our Other Campaigns
  • Today is the biggest grassroots show of support for a People's Vote, as local volunteers take to the streets in our Action Day! To find a street stall or door-knocking session near you, check out the website here.
  • Leading bookmaker BetFred have slashed their odds for a People's Vote as momentum for the movement snowballs.
  • Youth campaign For Our Future's Sake held an incredibly successful event for students who back a People's Vote on the final deal. Have a look at the #Students4PV hashtag on Twitter for quotes and photos.


That's all for this week! If you're enraged by the NHS & Brexit news (or amused by the fantastic memes), please forward this email on to friends and family who might be interested. With your help, we can spread the word about how Brexit will damage UK health and social care, and march (get it?!) towards a People's Vote. 

Kirsty Harrod
Supporter Engagement Officer
NHS Against Brexit