Newsletter - 19th October 2018

Newsletter from 19th October 2018 - the day before the big march!

NHS & Brexit News
  • Two-thirds of doctors and nurses believe that the £350m a week claim made by the Leave campaign was a deliberate lie, polling revealed this week. The YouGov stats also showed that doctors and nurses support a People's Vote two-to-one.
  • We're facing a major shortage of nurses, according to the Financial Times, as EU nurses leave en masse. The figures collected by consultants Christie & Co shows that a third of new nurse registrations came from the EU in 2015/16, before falling to just 3% in 2017/18.
  • Medicines manufacturer AstraZeneca has halted investment in the UK amid Brexit fears. Chairman Leif Johansson, said "A Brexit agreement will need to ensure that Britain does not become an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."
  • The UK's healthcare system is slipping down European ratings, as Spain secures its place as the most sufficient healthcare system on the continent. Brexit's only going to make this worse, with reduced staff, funding, and security of medical supplies.
Picture of the Week

This week, we're bringing you photos of NHS placards at previous marches, to inspire you for this Saturday! We'll have some NHS Against Brexit ones to go around, but please get creative and make some of your own! And why not grab some merch too?


Tweet of the Week

This tweet from "The Secret Barrister" made us laugh this week - yep, we think Brexit is looking a little bit more complex than promised...

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Stat of the Week

This stat from our recent YouGov polling shows just how much resistance there is to Brexit amongst doctors and nurses. But it's not too late. We can have a People's Vote, and stop this Brexit madness wrecking our NHS.

From our Other Campaigns
  • It's been revealed that London mayor Sadiq Khan will be speaking at the People's Vote march on Saturday! Other speakers include Anna Soubry MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Delia Smith, and British Medical Association spokesperson Hannah Barnham Brown. 
  • It's also been revealed that the march will be led by young people, as it's their future that Brexit will affect. Watch why FFS supporters will be marching here.
  • InFacts break down the reasons that the Irish border is a huge problem in the Brexit debates, despite what Brexiters said. 
  • European Movement UK have published a series of articles on Brexit and what to do next, from Women4Europe, Gloucestershire for Europe, Suffolk EU Alliance, and the Federal Trust. Your evening reading is sorted!

All our campaigns are working hard to secure a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. To help us make the case on behalf of NHS workers and patients, click here to donate.


That's all for this week! We look forward to seeing you all at the march tomorrow - come say hi!

Kirsty Harrod
Campaigns Officer
NHS Against Brexit