Newsletter 27th October 2018

Another huge, huge thank you to everyone who came to the People's Vote March for the Future on Saturday! It was a fantastic day, with 700,000 people marching in the sun to show support for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.

What we need now is for the MPs to see that their constituents are asking for a public vote on whatever deal May comes back with. People's Vote have created a really easy platform to do this - all you do is enter your postcode, adapt the template letter, and click send. 


And at NHS Against Brexit, we're asking you to add in reasons why you want a People's Vote to protect the NHS. You could write about how losing EU staff will make this year's winter crisis even worse, or how the weakening of the pound will make medicines far more expensive. Or maybe you want to tell them your personal story, of how much you love the NHS and don't want to see it run into the ground by the failed experiment of Brexit. 

Let your MP know that you're serious, that you fear for Brexit's effect on the NHS, and that you want a People's Vote on the final deal.

NHS & Brexit News
  • NHS Providers report that this year the NHS winter crisis could be even worse than last year. And with EU nurses and doctors continuing to leave, Brexit is making the problem even worse.
  • NHS Against Brexit's Dr Mike Galsworthy speaks to talkRADIO about how this issue, saying "austerity is breaking our NHS, the winter crisis is coming in hard, and then Brexit - which could be a crash out Brexit... It’s a really nasty combination."
  • Junior doctor, Jeremy, summarises why Brexit will be so damaging to the NHS. Watch, like, and share.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is now suggesting that patients stockpile their own drugs if we reach a no-deal Brexit. This is definitely terrifying, but make no mistake - Mrs May's deal may not be any better than not having any deal at all. 
  • Our friends at Genetic Alliance UK are campaigning to protect ERNs, the EU-wide networks which facilitate research into lots of medical issues, including rare diseases. They're at risk from Brexit, which potentially puts thousands of patients in danger.
Picture of the Week

Thanks to all the marchers who proudly carried our NHS Against Brexit placards from Park Lane to Parliament Square on Saturday! It was great to see so many of you there, getting out on the streets to show support for a People's Vote to protect the NHS.

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Tweet of the Week

Top People's Vote campaigner Femi highlights what's great about the EU, and why research grants like the Horizon 2020 programme are such a huge advantage to the UK. Without them, the UK will lose its status as a world-leading contributor to medical research.


Stat of the Week

This stat from our friends at the Royal College of Midwives is shocking, and shows just how damaging Brexit is for NHS services. Watch Stuart Bonar of the RCM speak on BBC London News here - the midwifery story is in the first five minutes.

From our Other Campaigns


That's all for this week! We can't tell you enough how important it is to write to your MP to demand a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. We've shown the world just how many people are on board - and now we need to show the politicians too. Please, help us #WriteThisWrong.

Kirsty Harrod
Campaigns Officer
NHS Against Brexit