Paramedic Student, Luke Samuels, is a Remainer Now

Luke, a paramedic student who voted to leave the EU, tells us why he’d now vote Remain if he had the chance.

I voted to leave the EU, as I firmly believed the UK could do its own thing, I voted to take control of everything I thought we were losing, and at the time and could not comprehend why we had (what felt like at the time) a European Government above our own, that was strongly influencing our laws etc.

Two years later I have changed my mind as I now know more than I ever did about the EU and that the UK has a massive say in how the rest of Europe operates and works across the other 27 countries. I also now know that we enjoy many benefits that is has to offer, such as the Single Market, Customs Union, Freedom of Movement etc, without having the Euro for example.

I changed my mind as two years later I now see a government that cannot possibly get a good deal with the EU, that WILL leave us worse off and weaker in the world. I voted for a better country, not a worse one. The biggest factor that made me change my mind and now wanting to remain was the fact my EU co-workers (who I work alongside within our NHS) are leaving and not being replaced. This is something that I did not vote for, and I did not foresee them being used as pawns in the current negotiations.

I see our future relationship with the EU as being very poor. Being a rule-taker and not a rule-maker is not a nice thought. If we end up with no deal then I can no longer see our NHS being around much longer. It is already on its knees, and the guillotine will come down on it if Brexit happens - which is something the Tories have always wanted. The best answer is to remain, to stop this from happening - nothing else would be ideal. Especially with electoral fraud, Russian interference, Cambridge Analytica etc, it’s time for a re-vote on facts not fantasy. I believe the majority of people would not vote for something that makes us poorer. That’s why I support the People's Vote.

I’d also like to see Corbyn come out and oppose Brexit, as many members, trade unions and voters now want this to happen. I would vote for him if he did, but currently I will only vote for a pro-EU party such as the Lib Dems, but I do not believe that they are strong enough to form a Government on their own and stop Brexit. Theresa May is a weak PM and her own party could easily be voted out the next election if someone like Labour opposed them.

Yes, I voted to leave, but I am now part of a big group of people who voted to leave the EU who are known as a ‘Remainer now’. We all now see this current shambles and would now vote to remain. At first, I believed that we could not have another vote as one had already taken place, but with so many claims that were brought about during the last referendum now being exposed as lies, a People’s Vote is needed.